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Vital Statistics

I was casually watching TV last week when an item announced there were 200,000 births in England per year. that got me thinking, if there are 200,000 births and the average family is 1.7 - 2.4 surly there should be a similar amount of deaths. Do you know there are 550,000 deaths a year in Brighty - - that's a short fall of 350,000. so I worked out on the back of a fag packet, (I don't smoke but it sounds good - well it used to in the 70's) that if we loose that many people per year in around 200 years they'll be hardly anyone left. But then i researched immigration and found out Government proposals - or promises as they are called, says that they want to keep emigration down to 100,000 per year but in fact the net migration is 250,000 that's an amazing 550,000 people in and 200,000 people who escape to pastures greener (Spain!!!!)
So we can all relax after all that's only a short fall of 100.000 people a year - meaning we will survive for 450 years or maybe more!!!

What's this got to do with Holiday Homes - Well a few moments ago I read that around 10m Brits and nearly a million foreign visitors enjoy self-catering holidays in this country each year.
With only 60m Brits that's quite a lot - that's 10 x the birth rate or double all the foreign non-visitors going on a short break to Bournemouth, St Ives or Norfolk. But of course if this statistic rises they'll be more people on holiday than alive!!!

Then I thought what about Japan (its obvious my busy time has ended and I haven't got so much to do, like clean one of the holiday barns or prune my daffodil's) - I thought Japans a small island too - their population must be around the same as ours - No it is over double 130,000.00, in fact with their low birth rate they are due to die off before us because from 2010 the populations sneaking down. If those Japanese men don't put down their Amami computer lover and grab a wife then sushi conveyor belts could be lost forever.

I was talking to some old fellor at the post office and he un-politically and racially said - The Muslims are taking over, NO in fact their population is stabilizing like ours with young Muslims opting for only 1.7 children each couple.

Then I thought how many people are gay in Briton - 1/6th = 3.6 million or 1 in 10, so how many gay couples have children well that's decreased from its peak at 19% down to 16% and falling. This is not good enough - - - because the gay population is increasing and less couples are choosing to raise a family -  yet we need more children, I'm panicking now!

All but Fascinating - - So my conclusion, the worlds population is due to go down, the self catering  holiday trade is due to go up - my suggestion or the perfect solution is to come to Lodge Farm Holiday Barns and make a baby because that's the only way we can whip those statistics in to shape and save the world.