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Popping Up, Popping out and Pop in

I love the sun - I love England and I love Norfolk - - after a drulling winter we can all embrace and worship the sun, after all we don't get it for long. A lovely Spanish couple came earlier in the year and arrived in the rain, I felt I needed to appologise like I was responsable for the bad weather we occasionaly endure at Lodge Farm - - but they said with out that rain your countryside wouldn't be lush and green and beautiful. It made me apprechiate the diverse weather we have, East Anglia produces crops that get exported all over the world because of our climate, when we get snow - we pick the children up from school and go on an adventure becasue those 3 days of snow we get every year mean fun and no work. Then when we get the sun we revel in its gloriousness - - - -  and today I'm reveling.

A couple of Canadian geese are escorting 6 lovely little chicks around Lodge Farm - they have even learnt to hang around at corn time for the chickens to grab some them selves. Elvis and Pricilla the swans are taking it turns to sit on their nest - cant wait to see their cygnets. We have build a double garden bed to go on one of the lakeside decking ares for all to enjoy (got it in the winter sale for £40) - - what bliss lying on a bed on the waters edge watching the wildlife go by. The only problem is when the chickens know I'm down there they follow me - and cluck away until they realise im no good for corn.

Popping up soon is this years PoP uP restaurant - "my Little Greek Cafe' as we speak im listing to the Greek music cd i bought to see if its any good - - - I must admit I've shouted "Woopa" a few times. Me and hubby are getting the back garden ready, its the last place to renovate/landscape and its a big expensive job so we are doing as much as we can before the big event - - tickets are £5 for entrance and a drink, they'll be a bar - already in place, I just need to paint and decorate it. I'm doing food to order - mezze style like hallomi, lamb stew, humous, pitta bread, cheese balls etc etc - - the place will look, sound and smell lovely. I've sold 3/4 tickets already so you may get in if you contact me quick. Info on the event page.

So - - at present we have plenty of availability over summer in one barn or another, so get your self over here - contact me with any questions or go to the avaiability and price chart to see whats on offer.