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It’ Christmas

The count down has begun, there is no getting away from it now - hold your breath and enjoy the ride - - the ride that is Christmas. Eating far too much, spending far to much time on the loo - its not healthy (says me who teaches Nutritional foods and then eats a whole tin of quality street before Christmas - this year I am not opening them until the eve!!!), family arguments, family laughs, un-wanted Christmas presents and some good ones too, some stress - but then some lye-ins, cooking - cooking and more cooking, eating, eating and then more eating (I know I have mentioned that already - but I love food), things you wouldn't normally do - like sitting on an old bearded blokes knee and tell him what you want!, having far to much to drink at some office party - I'm too old for all that now - I just watch the young ones make fools of them selves and snog their boss or fall out of the taxi or worst still spend the night in the toilet - I remember those days.

Listening to the same old Christmas songs - like "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus" - that must be the early 60's - - over 50 years old - - every year for 50 years!!! or "Last year you gave me your heart and the very next day - you sold it on e bay" - my son taught me that one. Then there's the same ole decorations - out of the cellar, attic or some dark cupboard  - baubles from a bygone age, too much tinsel and the decorations the children made at nursery school - then there's the dragging the tree across the lounge, twisting it round a few times until everyone is happy its straight - but it never is.

Happy Christmas one and all and may all your Christmas wishes come true - and don't forget - ITS CHRISTMAS.