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Worms and Windows

We seem to be set for a Summer Opening 2012. The Windows and doors are all in and glazed and looking fantastic. The under floor heating and plumbing is booked for April, the electricians all set to go and we are waiting for the carpenters to stud all the walls for extra insulation and sound proofing. Me and Nick have been landscaping the drive way with 51 very heavy railway sleepers so we are not far off from graveling the whole stretch with a parking bay for each holiday let. I just need to track down a good supplier of plants because I need a truck load. The chickens are loving all the digging if they eat many more worms I think the eggs will start to taste of them! oh, well makes a change from frogs. Anyway. I'll be grassing next week so the chickens are going to have to get used to a large Heras panel run and not 2 acres of bliss.