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Empty, Fiesta Feast and chicks Everywhere

It was lovely to see Elvis and Pricilla at the weekend with their new 9 cygnets - all looking yummy. There is still 9 this morning, every year they dwindle with the foxes, mink, weasels and pike but hopefully since the fisheries have curbed the mink problem we'll start to see an increase in survival rates! We have 2 sets of Canadean Geese with 8 left, looking rather large now - we did have one in the house for a night with a broken leg, abandoned one evening becasue it couldnt keep up - but she gave up. Wild things should maybe remain wild.The Grey Lag Geese pop up on to the lawn every now and then with a few chicks - they all look a like so its hard to know if there different ones or the same!!!
But I love seeing all thewildlife with thei young - - - don't like the poo though!!!

We are getting redy for this years pop up restaurnat - this year its Mexican themed, the DJ is booked - no rave music just some Mariachi in the back ground and some nice flashing lights as the sun sets over the lakes. I've been practising my mole (the edible sauce not the mound maker) my pico de galo, my picadillo and churros!! - oh la la - what a feast. Of course its hard to cook for a crown, but with plenty of different dishes and making sure they keep on the mild side, hopefuly everyone will be happy - plus they'll be plenty of chilli sauces inc tamatillo salsa, fresh jalapenos, pickled and more on the toppings table. Me and Nick have been working on a Bar as this year we are licenced, I did the tiling at the weekend and its all looking pritty cool. Got some gold and silver tequilla in - for the shots and the cocktails, need to choose some wine and then stock up on sol and tequilla beer! along with some sanpelagrino and the usual fizzy stuff!.

I love any excuse to buy catering equipment and had the perfect one -  so bought some chaffing dishes, more plates, off course even more knives just becasue they were on offer and a temprature probe - dont want to give any one food poisoning - - off course I wouldnt, you can trust me to cook fresh and clean!

This week is very eery, no booking mid week in any of the barns - - its the first time we have been by our selves here - EVER! The fist day we moved in to the cravan in Lodge Farm to start our new life of renovation - the scaffolders turned up, then the roofers - for the next few years there was always someone or other here. Then the barns opened and the workmen were replaced by paying customers - - - that was a good feeling. Now 5 years later no ones here!!! don't like it, looking forward to my arrivals on Friday and a busy summer.