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It will soon be Christmas

This week I booked the Christmas week out at Lodge Farm Holiday Barns - so very pleased but now I need to think about buying Christmas trees. Which got me thinking about Christmas cookery courses - hence I added some on to my events. So Lodge Farm Kitchen - Cookery Courses will be putting on 3 courses over November and December - making a Christmas Pudding enriched with Guinness to take home, Chutney to go with the cold cuts on boxing day along with Cranberry sauce to serve with the game (that's not trivial pursuit) - then I'll be doing a demo on how to bone out a bird and give it a good stuffing (that sounds wrong) and they'll be plenty of demos, tasters and hands on practical cookery all aimed at making the Christmas lunch easier.

And I am hoping my little Geesy don't go missing over Christmas time - I'll be checking suitcases as the guest leave!!!

I've not been vary happy this week - I got food poisoning, I think it was from a street vendor - I love FOOD but don't like this, I hope I'm better for this weekend as Great Yarmouth hosts the Out there Festival - its the best thing since sliced bread with street acts a plenty, circus performers and theatrical productions from all over the world - its spectacular, its free and its just pure talent. Plus they'll be more street food - so!!! lets hope they wash their hands!!! Never to be put of by 5 days of sickness - food awaits me in Yarmouth, after all if I don't have the street food the choice is a foot long hot-dog, chips, donuts and more chips, or I could go for the tinned vegetables they serve with the reheated roast diner. (Actually Yarmouth do have some good places to eat).

plus we have finally finished the Diner - with sink and running water all the shelves up and the grill in place ready to flip-em - Want to book an alternative Christmas Party!!! Just ask - I wash my hands!!!