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Short Break Change – – a change is as good as a break

We found that short breaks often blocks people wanting to book week stays or longer and we also found it hard to rent the odd mid week breaks that were left. (plus its more cleaning and washing for me!!)

So after pondering for all of a minute (I think it was the cleaning thing that did it!) we decided to only offer short breaks as a kind of last minute booking meaning we now release weekend and mid week breaks 2 weeks prior between Easter and  summer and 4 weeks at all other times - full details on the availability page.

After looking at my bookings book I found we only did about 4 - 5 short breaks in each barn in the whole year - so hope people won't be too disappointed but of course it means that if we do have odd weeks and days left I'll be doing a lot more last minute specials on our availability page.

So keep an eye out - -