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Three Pop Up Trees, Two Turtle Doves and a Relentles Owl in a Pear Tree

Our first year and our first Holiday Festive Christmas - so off I go to buy trees, it was very embarrassing in the shop ordering 3 x trees, they said there was no return on them, so I wanted a good look at them first - compared to how big the tree promised to be the box was miniture - I embarrassingly opened up all the branches, popped it in its stand place it on the floor and laughed - - not really what I was hoping for so I got out of there double quick after stuffing it back in its egg box. Needless to say I went back the next day and bought 3 modern pop up trees - might as well go for something different than something laughable. Anyway all decorations bought, puddings made and cards ready to post. Christmas here I come.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas Cookery Course this weekend - it will give me a chance to stock up on chutney too, we have 8 booked in and I've already got a ton of dried fruit ready to make the puddings, mincemeat and chutney. Since I can hardly buy Turkeys to do my boning and stuffing a bird demo, I'm opting for a large chicken, I'm tempted to use our chickens as one little bugger keeps eating her eggs and the others don't even bother laying. No doubt they'll fly up on to the kitchen window ledge and have a good look in when their cousins on the table stuffed and ready to try - not thinking poor thing, more thinking I hope they leave some for us!!!

Anyway, we have spent the last two weekend blowing, raking, burning, and collecting leaves - - leaves everywhere - that's what you get with 2 acres and 150 trees I suppose. But at least the owl is enjoying it all - I used to hear him in the days of living in the caravan but he seems to be back and tooting well.

oh, well it will soon be Christmas - - - Anyone reading this and wanting to book for next year, before the New Year -  if you quote "Christmas Tinsel" I'll pop some Norfolk goodies in to your barn as a lovely arrival treat along with all our other goodies