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Helicopters, Geese and Full up for March

The geese have decided to make a nest right behind my car space - so now ever time my son Silas gets out of the car they think hes up to no good (which to be fair to the Geese, often he is!!) and they make a charge for him - which he think is very funny, the geese on the other hand are just trying to protect their 3 lovely big eggs, which would make a lovely omelete (only joking)!!!

Then out of the blue we get a phone call "Is there any room at Lodge Farm to land a helicopter - Well actually there is!!! So the owner of "The Range", lovely fellor, landed in our garden while he was whisked of to inspect his fab 14th Norwich store. So we had a great time giving the helicopter a once over and my son is now left wondering wether he should be a pilot or an entrepenur. But it was great watching it come in to land - very envigorating as we got blown backwards as it took off again - Please come again Chris Dawson, becasue next time I would love a little fly above Lodge Farm to take some pics or just watch the magnificent site of a black helicopter coming in to land - leaves flying everywhere and that wonderful noise - - phooor!! I'm in love with helicopters now.

As from today we have all three holiday barns occupied - what a result and of course now we are advertising come along to Lodge Farm, room for a helicopter.
Still some availability for LakeView in April and May - please call for prices and availability.