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I need to do a Blog!!!

I was organizing emptying out the sewage treatment plant when it made me think about doing a blog!!! its been a long time. Keeping it regular is the key.

Lots of news here at Lodge Farm Holiday Barns - we have been extending the lakeside path so you can walk all around the edges of the lake, we even added another decking area. I bought an outside bed of e bay at the end of last summer got it cheaper than sweet potatoes - so cant wait to make it up and put it on the new decking - it will be heaven for me and my guests, if they can get me off, which won't be hard because the ironing is pilling up again.

We also purchased a witches web or spiders web, one of those round swing you can lay on on just hangs from a tree, so you can spin it - thought it would be fun for our summer visitors. We are also planning to make good of some timbers that came out of the house - would like to build some assault cause beams.

Moles - we have a million, I got a lady mole catcher to come round and give us a price - she took one look at the job and refused!!! charming. So I bought a dozen traps and have already caught 5. The mole hills are slowly subsiding and hopefully we can get the grassed areas to look more like lawns and not world war 1 battlefields. what will the chickens and the geese sucking the living daylights out of it.

But just as we have the moles under control we see a WEASEL weaseling towards the chicken coop, the little buggers been steeling the eggs. So now the chickens are locked and the eggs are under surveillance - Whats to do!!! It's a wild world out here. But I did see the first goslings a pair of Canadian Geese brought their 3 new chicks on to the garden today, as lovely as they are and as much as my heart melts seeing them I know their chances of survival are low around here, especially with another prowler on the prowl!

Mexican Hats and Mustaches - I've put the tickets on general release. They haven't gone quite like the BBC's big weekend but they are going. This year its a Feast Full of Mexican Fiesta - PoPPing uP in the garden on Saturday 18th July. I've already been trying some chilli sauces, Tomatilo Verde and Abode - oh, HOT. Of course when your cooking for a big party like that you have to tone down the heat, so my Turkey Mole will be a medium and my slow cooked beef picadillo will be mild - but you can splash on the topping to spice it up. We are encouraging guests to grow a mustache (only the men!!!), I'll be planing a treasure hunt and at some point we'll be making a pinyata one big enough for a party of 60 to whack!!!!

Plus this year I'm doing a Burger Day in the Milk Bar, Lodge Farms American Diner on Saturday 20th June - I can't wait, I'm taking bookings now, book a table and pay on the day. Brioche buns from Pye bakers, home made patties - hand pressed, cooked with an ice-cube!!! (to find out why, you'd have to come on one of my cookery courses!!!) served with a choice of 2 sides - - hand cut french fries, BBQ beans, stuffed jackets, potato salad, chilli slaw, crispy onion rings, blue cheese, melted cheese and bacon - - i know what your thinking - how can i pick just 2 sides - - We'll that's why you can pay an extra £1 per additional side, cheaper than spuds! So burger meal with 2 sides only £6.50 with a drink. And if you can't make that come to our Sunday Sundae day in August - using fresh and local renaldos ice-cream with home bakes, sauces and fresher than fresh topping for only £6 per person - - the more people the bigger the Sundae gets! Like the one with freshly cooked mini do-nuts - OHHHHHHH

Anyway - - - go to events for more information, go for it and book your self on or in, why wouldn't you - fabulous food, great surroundings and all cooked with love and passion at cheap cheap prices!

Better get back to booking the sewage man in - - I wonder if he does a blog!