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Strange Goings On

I keep seeing some funny looking birds down by the lake, really dark black plumage with some white streaks about the wings - they look like small herons. I think its a pair with possibly its young one. Beaks like divers and elegant like flamingos with vulture like wings - sometimes if I get too close to the window they raise up and fan out their wings. - UPDATE - they are Double Crested Cormorants (not a black heron or even a red one!)

This morning I saw an otter - just worked out what it was when it turned sideways and dived under the water never to be seen again for a year or so.

Some one came a visiting last week and we got to talking about ghosts - she was scared the house might be haunted but I assured her they don't exist. After all why are ghosts mainly Victorian residing in only old houses. If I had been a ghost for over 100 years I would want to do better things than turning lights on and off & moving furniture around - If a ghost cant open a door but instead going through the door how can they physically move stuff. Why do you never see ghosts in Salisbury's or B&Q, why when so many people die in Hospitals do you never see them wandering in and out of A& E, yet in an old spooky looking Victorian hospital its full of old ghost nurses and old ghost solders moving furniture around and turning lights on and off. I mean what do they do for the rest of the time these ghosts - I know they are busy at night because they like to hang around bedrooms and watch you sleep - bored of moving furniture they are and like vampires not liking the day light when visibility's better. Call me cynical but the mear idea of ghosts is ridiculous.

After all if Ghosts did exist they'd be all over Lodge Farm - being Victorian and all!!! Poor old Mary back in the 1700's got hanged for burning down a barn, the magistrate was the owner of this house, I recon it was an affair and that was her revenge - she'd want a bigger revenge for being hanged in Norwich castle. In more recent times some poor old feller shot his dog and then him self as he was heart broken at loosing his lover - now if I believed in ghosts I'd sometimes hear a gun shot BANG and the hairs at the back of my neck would stand up and I'd shudder - - BUT I don't because ghosts don't exist only people with vivid imaginations and the trick of the eye and a distorted noise in the night. Why do you never see ghost spiders and why are ghosts never friendly, why aren't there masses of videos on u tube of ghosts or picture gallery's full of images of them - - WHY because ghosts are - - - - oh, shit what was that . . . . . .