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PoP uP PoPPin & Charlie with the Gods

Poor old Charlie, he must of known he was going - he'd been getting further and further removed from his family, maybe natures way of getting them used to his departure. Then of he popped. The Cygnets have gone down to two and one chicken bottom of the pecking order is getting well and truly pecked. We bought 3 Easter Eggers or Rainbow layers, the little chickens with pheasant colouring that lay green eggs - its dictator week in their crib, establishing the higherackie (I cant spell that and my spellings so bad even the spell checkers wont recognize it but I'm sure you know what I mean)

Now as all my cookery classes are finished for a while - I can concentrate on this years American Themed PoP uP Restaurant - The diners been cleaned up and set up ready for the onslaught of American Desserts, Brownies, key Lime and Baked Lemon Cheesecake with an Oreo Base not to mention Ice-Cream Sundaes with Hot Fudge Sauce - - the thought brings shivers down my spine, yum yum yum piggies bum. I'm laminating all the menus and signage - (Ah, laminating the best invention after sliced bread) plus turning the dining room in to a store cupboard - macaroni's taking over the chairs, canalini beans taking up the mantelpiece and numbered cutlery tins taking up the table. Peach B.B.Q sauce and Chilli Ketchup made & jarred up in the fridge. - - I love it! Can't Wait!

Still tickets available for anyone staying at the barns - plus one table left for Friday 4th July - - other than that its full and raring to go. Charlie would of loved the left overs.

Hot Chicks, Open Gardens & Black Paint

Bawburgh had its bi-annual open gardens yesterday with over 250 visitors, we were rushed of our feet at the village hall with teas, coffees and tons of cakes. But it was a beautiful day and I think everyone had a good day - All the helpers were invited back to the Mill for drinks - it was great to see another side of Bawburgh - we had a good walk along the river and didn't realise how much beautiful meadow land surrounds this little village.

Anyway - Charlie the goose is having a trial split from his wife Doris - he's off gallivanting around the farm and lake all alone while Doris is meandering about with her 3 teenage children - don't know whats going on there!!! Mohamed and Cleopatra the Egyptian geese are bringing their two little chick's up close to the chicken coop where they get a daily dose of corn - they are getting closer and closer to the house and more and more used to us. Elvis and Priscilla the swans have had 4 cygnets - although I fear that might go down over the next few weeks.

We're getting ready for the PoP uP - more landscapping, more black paint and more plants for the monk jack deer to devour in the night - little buggers.

We have had a busy and full May and June but still have some available weeks and short breaks in July - Warm weather nearly always guaranteed - so pick up the phone and vote for me (just realised Britains Got Talent has finished) oh well - pick up the phone anyway or contact me with your inquiries, don't forget we offer fishing passes, do cookery classes and have special rates on Diner hire for our lovely guests - or just chill out by the lake on one of our picnic benches soon to be touched up with black paint, admire the garden (or the bits the wildlife don't eat), talk to the chicks and enjoy life.