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It’s been a long time

My monthly blogs have turned in to when I can be bothered - I never thought running the holiday barns would take up so much time and the cookery school has taken of like my geese do when I take out scraps!
We did really well last year, our first full year - never done so much ironing.

I probably shouldn't admit this but I have a score system for how guests leave the barns - we got 2 x 1's and a few high 9's. 1s horrendous, 10 is perfect.

I didn't want to bring this up, after all guests are on holiday and have more than the right to a good relax and take it easy for a while. But there is a difference from a hotel and a holiday home, a holiday home is a home away from home, supplied with a brush and a dishwasher along with the odd cloth. It's just that very small percentage of guests who leave it in a 1-3 = basically a bomb site!!! and after taking sometimes up to 3 hours bringing it back to a 100% 5* Gold Visit England standard - I wonder if I should leave more notes, just the odd hint like when you spill tomato sauce on the floor please wipe it up as it stains!!!
But then I decide not to - no one wants demands and rules - they want a lovely holiday and I want to give them a lovely holiday. Anyway 95% of people are great at leaving it in a good state, its just that odd one or two in the year.

I tried to find some info on line about whats expected and there are no rules - I found one article that said when shes away she likes to do nothing and would prefer to pay extra not to clean up afterwards, she hated holiday homes that planted demands, rules and comments all over the place.
I agree - but if she knew that a small percentage of people pinched the odd thing, damaged the odd thing and tried to hide it and that odd person left a skid mark longer than a run way - they'd understand why the odd hint would make the difference.

For instance I could make a cheesecake base with the crumbs I find in the cracks of the sofa.
One legged people could be supplied with socks for a year with the ones I find under the bed and One very naughty person spilled a glass of red wine on the rug, cleaned the rug but didn't thing the rug would stain the floor under neither - I guess that rug will have to stay there now.

What do you think? Let me know.