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Visit England – but most of all visit US

Just sitting here sipping some liqouirsh tea waiting for the Visit England Assessor to arrive - it's an annual event. You see we are graded 4* GOLD which is really good, we could go for a 5 * but that means changing some furniture to French Boroque!!! or something like that and offering a welcome hamper and making sure you salute to all that enter. So we are happy with a 4 gold. Apparently lots of places when recieving 5* wish they hadnt bothered becasue its hard work keeping up imaculate 100

% on apsolutly everything and people would obviously have very high expectations - I know I would.
So with our grading people can enjoy the high standard, with the 5* touches, 5* bathrooms, 5* cleaning and get comfort in knowing we are keeping up apperances while paying a very resonable price for a great place fantasticly located in a beautiful setting.

Every year I have to make sure there are enough cutlery and crockery in each barn - one for the dishwasher one for the cupboard with a few spare. I have to ensure all my weekly and monthly jobs are done like polish the sofa, scrub the walls, dust the ceiling! If naughtly peole damage anything - we have to replace it - hopefully with better next time so we are alwasy improving - they like that.

The assessor walks round with her white gloves rubbing her finger along door frames checking for a spot of dust - - I one left a single crumb in a draw and was marked down 2% - - I could of kicked my self because I saw it and left the draw open ready to hoover it out - but then shut it by mistake. I only got 98% cleaning that year but it was still a 5* standard - despite the offensive crumb.

This year they'll be happy as we have replaced the sofas with comfy new ones, replaced the king sized bed matresses with bouncy 1000 sprung, memory topped beautys, replaced a few white goods, replaced a few laminate furniture with solid Oak - - No veneer in errr. I've bought better knife racks, added branded pens, beer glassess (thanks to one visotors suggestion), water bottles and much more.

Since last summer last year we have re-painted all the ceilings and white walls, painted the gardned furniture, door steps and B.B.Q's - replanted, landscapped further - mind you thats always on going. We've added more lakeside paths. I've even added a hand built bench for the playground - - - pheew

You see thats the good thing about a good grade - it means your keeping up the standards - constantly imporving - it keeps us on our toes and our visitors happy.
Welcome to Lodge Farm Holiday Barns - We are 4* Gold and proud of it.