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Renovation of Lodge Farm Holiday Barns

Late 2011 Summer was the extension of Lake View, then late October the builders Robinson and Roe crashed out the last of the concreate floors to form a new lower base ready for the underfloor heating system. Along with breaking out the openings and more brickwork and drainage.

January 2012 Saw the finishing off of the builders, Aldridge roofing finished the Copper Flat roof over Lake View just in time for the big freeze and the rest of the windows lintles in place.

February 2012  The big wooden windows and door frames arrived form GB Joinery and I've got the job of painting them when the frost eases of a bit. Still chasing up contractors for pricing and my mind wanders to how I am going to decorate and furnish all the barns. I decided to give each barn a different feature colour wall, I'm thinking Lime for the Courtyard, Aubergine for Lake Views and Deep Red for the Romantic Dairy.