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100 Trees, 1000,00000 Leaves, 1 leaf blower

It's a beauty spot they say, surrounded on three sides by Lodge Lake, fields in the distnace, the nay of horses in the field beyond and 100 massive trees along with 50 medium ones and another 100 self set shoots - - beautiful it is.

- - well that is until Norfolk has a hurrican followed by the Range helicopter, followed by an avolanch of rain just after the leaves turned brown, yellow and orange - beautiful they were!!! How the hell did God make the earth in 7 days when ot takes me 7 days to blow, rake up and gather 100 ton bags of the buggers!

It's gone a little quiet now with one barn empty, we had the usual cascade of lovely holiday makers over summer and then the work and house movers for a few months - but now thinking about the Christmas and New Year week. I've got my big box of Cheesy glittery decorations in the attic all ready with the three Christmas trees - every year I add a few more pieces to the collection - I've got the Christmas puddings ready all infused with Cognac and Guiness - packed full of fruit, even the pudding haters have been converted with my scrumptious beast. One for each barn ready to go - along with a few other goodies so my guests can enjoy their stay. Christmas is fully booked and New Year is nearly, just got The Dairy available for the week on special - if your reading this and fancy a relaxing New Year break in a one bed (room for a little one) call me and I'll knock a tad more of for you - quote the BLOG.

Not happy with my chickens they have been of lay forever, I've got a feeling one day I'll find 100 eggs somewhere around the farm - I can't wait to see a fresh egg in the box - if they don't lay in spring they'll be chicken pie!!! (not really - probably make a Korma!) The 4 Geese are going further a field (litrally) for fresh grass and greens - I only see them in the mornings and later at night. Got Mohamed & ali the Egyptian Geese back again, I wonder how the 3 family of Canadian Geese are doing in migration somewhere. Which remind me - just up the road is a goose farm, tons of white geese to bee seen from the village and they all dispear a few weeks before Christmas - strange that! Which also reminds me to go and put the chcken in the ovenfor dinner, not one of ours of course.

Talking of food - I've added a few more courses to my list - Afternoon Tea, can't wait to do that one - plus I'v got our family Victorian Dining room on offer as an alternative eating venue, you can go modern and eat in the kitchen, American and eat in the Diner or go all old fashioned and eat in the dining room - - unless its summer of course and then you can go eat by the lake.

Plus Mr Roux has inspired me to work with special needs adults so I've offered some discounted courses to teach independance cookery. Hope I get some takers.
Plus I've sold my first Christmas cookery voucher - November 16th - its usualy a mad rush 2 weeks before Christmas - but I'm sure I'll get plentyof that too.

Over and Out - - don't hesitate to contact me to book, info on my cookery classes or the holiday barns - - Zena