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5 little Gooslings & Summer sun

I love them - five fluffy gooslings were hatched this week. I can't stop following them around the farm, I dare not touch them as father goose is mighty fiesty when I get too close, but they are adorable. I've been reading about Pilgrim Geese, they self sex from birth so I think I have at least 2 females and 2 males but one could be either!!, they are the gentlest of Geese and are great at keeping the weeds down, aparently they taste nice too but thats not going to happen.

Anyway enough animal talk - !!!
We finished the decking platform area over by the orchard, it has beatutiful un-spoilt views over the lakes and the island. Perfect for holiday picnics and evening drinks as the sun goes down over the glistning water. We have landscapped around it so now it has a lovely lush grass bank and a pebbled beach area by the lake with a bench to ponder on. We have even managed to fix twinkling lights around it and it really is bliss to lounge on the loungers - watching the bats and swallows at night or the herron and kingfishers during the day.

Then we finished the Zip Wire platform - its adult proof and perfect to lauch your self off if your feeling adventurous.
I'm now off to to look at my goosies!!! again!!!
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