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Holidays in the sun, e mails and diets

We had a sort*** of lovely Egyptian holiday over the half term week, our first family holiday in over 6 years - thanks to caravans, loans and renovations. My dad and Sue kindly took over the rains and did a fabulous job. The first day on our holiday was met with a tad of stress when my phone bleeped right in the middle of the reps talk and it said "no hot water boiler broken" - it was a mad hour of calls back to England to get the boiler, re-set again and back up to temperature - thanks to out guests who very kindly tolerated a cold shower that morning - Typical it would happen when we were away!!!! but of course if we were home we could of sorted it out a little sooner, well sooner than a cold shower!! We breathed again and got on with sunbathing and eating.

Of course we are back now to a full in-box and 176 trash mail!!! No I don't want any Viagra!!
It was great having a holiday in the sun and we were laughing at all the Brits in the freezing cold back in brighty, with the floods and the rain - - what cold, what rain its like the Costa Sol Nor-wich out there today, I had to ware my sun glasses to feed the chickens, even my cardie came of this morning.

There's a lot to be said for holidaying in Britain - ***no 5 hour flights with delays, no transfers, no rep talks ("you go on nice trip - I rip you of big time"), no sun burn, followed by sun stroke, no peely bits, no sun bed saving, no haggling for a fake watch (which only lasted 5 minutes anyway), no dodgy tummy's - we all had those, no buffet food slopped in to other dishes, no constipation followed by the other one!!! - don't touch the salad they say!!, its hot I say and it looks nice, no "How much you pay, I give you good price", no hard beds and cheap pillows, no dirky bedroom corners, no faulty handles, no hot and cold showers - - NO NO NO not at Lodge Farm Holiday Barns anyway (see what I did there)

Anyway, after 7 days and 7 nights of all inclusive with 6 restaurants to choose from I am officially sick of food - and half an elephant fatter - Self catering next year!!!and diet me thinks.
Can I take this opportunity to say no matter where I go in the World - Its always great to get back to Lodge Farm who wouldn't.