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Escape Hunt Uk in Norwich

Escape Hunt UK in Norwich


I first saw escape rooms in Prague over 20 years ago - a go to for stag parties – so its lovely they have developed into a family and friends fun experience worldwide.

Norwich has a few – last year I went to my first down Tombland where we were locked in an antique vintage science laboratory and to this day we would still be there as we didn’t get out in time and had to be rescued.

So, to my pleasure Escape Hunt UK has opened in Chapelfield Norwich, being one of 10 locations in the UK and one of quite a few worldwide with three themed rooms –

Norfolk Food Bloggers got asked to try one out and we chose The Alice in Puzzleland  - a very lovely place where you are transported in to the world of Alice trying to find the tarts before your time is up in 2 themed rooms  - we made it with 11 minutes spare in a team of 5. Not that I helped much – dyslexia makes you think different it also sometimes knocks you off the track – thankfully these rooms are designed so you all work together and if you go off piste you can ask for help and a few clues on the way helped us.


Aladdin – looks like a good one to try where you navigate through a cave to seek the lamp.


And I’m sure my hubby would love ‘Our Finest Hour’ – where you step back to 1942 WWII, you are a secret agent and need to destroy weapons of mass destruction a bit like Tony Blair and the yanks did to devastating effect back in the day!!!


You can also play at home with a free Netflix game access via the website or pay for more.


Book via

/Norwich or 01603 614222 /

Intu Chapelfield, St Stephens, NR1

Around £20 - 25 pp depending on group size

Open Thursday to Sunday 10am – 10pm


By Zena Leech-Calton


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