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New Year, New Chickens, New People, New Courses

Well we made it - a year in a caravan, a year in the Victorian part of the house a year in the Jacobean part while doing up the barns for a year and now a year of trading -

We were so so lucky last year we had fab weather and some great guests staying at Lodge Farm Holiday Barns - from all over they came America, Australia, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Up North, Down South, Ireland and Wales. Young and Old. Hansom and Pretty and that was just the Hansom and Pretty ones!!!

The Geese made friends - - "polite warning" - never feed the geese on your door step, unless you want your door knocked at 6am in the morning and a pile of poo on your mat!! - we learned the hard way - hose pipe at the ready and well trained geese now!!!

One poor chicken last year came to a quick end when a cousin came a visiting - he was eating his own eggs and of course he trained his friends to do the same - there is still a bad one waiting for cousin!!! In Easter we are getting some new ones, one of each colour - those ones that lay green eggs so we can have green eggs and ham or is that green ham and eggs because I don't want a green pig.

I am excited - the kids are back at school which means I can concentrate on new courses and exciting projects for the summer - Already I have added a Japanese cookery Course and a Children's Cookery Course on events - plus two Sunday Sundaes in the summer holidays. Two afternoons of ice-cream sundaes in the Diner - I've even managed to pop out to TK to get some glass bowls, you know those ornate glass dishes people put pot pourri in -  which I am going to use for the Sundaes - plenty of delicious ones to try, including fresh waffles and all sorts of toppings.

But of course its only January and I am on a diet - so all I can do is imagine one of those glass bowls with 10 scoops of Renaldos ice-cream, scooped on top of Fresh double chocolate brownie slabs, drizzled generously with hot chocolate fudge sauce and sprinkled with rum soaked orange segments, sprayed with whipped cream then dusted with grated white chocolate and crushed home-made honeycomb - - - - oh, boy! forget its for five just give me a spoon! (I'd better munch on an apple only 5 months to wait)