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Seven Year’s in Tibet – well’ Lodge Farm

I'm sorry to neglect Lodge Farms Blog - I must admit to writing endlessly for all about food and more food, usually while eating food and then I sit back and dream about food a bit more.


But my focus for at least 10 minutes will evolve around the my last 7 years at Lodge Farm - time has flown by and we have finally saved enough to do the last bit of building work at Lodge Farm, by the way of replacing the old patio garden out the back. It's an isor of 50's concrete paving with the leaning tower of BBQ pisa in the corner. I'm not talking about food, I'm really not but we are building an outdoor kitchen area, with a earth fire pit and a lovely lounge area - so I might be able to include it all in to my cookery school - - see it wasn't about food!!!! Work starts in a month and hopefully will be out of the way for Christmas - where I won't be thinking about food at all.


This time of year we do longer stays - mainly so I don't have to clean and iron - !!! It's prefect I can chill back a bit, get on with other stuff and familys have a comfy home from home for a few months while in transit -


The swans are still going strong, their 3 ugly grey ones are floating around somewhere - but regularly get chased of by Elvis & Pricilla - teens!!! Charlie Jrn, Boo, Doris and Splodge the geese wander of in Autumn to get more food so I only see them once or twice a week. The chickens are malting and look very ugly! even Fluff bum the feathery Barham (can't spell it) looks bedraggled and the poor things are now down to 6 in number. Im hoping to get some rare breed ones in Spring - I'm missing the tasty green eggs and being able to identify them. (I didn't mention food!)


Bawburgh Village has been active this last few months with the annual Bonfire, BBQ and firework spectacular - we had a record 400 people show up this year and sold out of our locally sourced organic burgers and bangers. Sold out of my special mulled wine mix and we even sold out of homemade soup and bread rolls.


My daughters annual Christmas fair is on Sat Nov 25th - - please come and show your support she's raising money for the Princes trust - 20 stalls, my cafe selling Crimbo wraps and home made cakes, santa and festive cheer. 10-2pm Bawburgh Village Hall.


Then theres the annual Christmas lunch for the villages, Im on the ham -


Im off for some food - - - - sorry!!!