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Walking Tour

The Norwich City Centre Food & Drink Walking Tour

The tour is a friendly walk around the city with a local foodie enjoying local bites, sit down treats and drinkies on the way.

When  - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Friday Evening for the Cocktail tour) all year round  - subject to availability, booking a must.

Organise your group - grab some friends, work colleagues and family - -

minimum 5 - maximum 10

 1. Eating Norwich Tour - The Big One

The guided tour is a friendly walk around the city with a local foodie enjoying lots of local bites on the way, along with sit downs & pub stop, topped off with plenty of knowledge.
3 miles in 3-ish hours £47.50 per person (upgraded from last year, packed with more flavour) - - its full on food and drink and totally inclusive, starting at 11am.

This is a guided walk around Norwich city centre taking in 7 of the Norwich 12, a tad of History – Norwich Market along with delicious local flavours, sit down Norfolk Bites in fabulous independent restaurants, a shot of local ale, a mini cone of fish n chips, some local ice-cream, a sweet treat cup of char plus more on the way.

2. Tasting Norwich Tour - The Mini One

This is a mini version of the above with local bites, a sneaky Gin and some thing sweet. Full on local flavour and a whip past all the best eating places in our fine city.

City Centre based, 1.5- 2 hours £30.00 per person- - starting at 1.30pm (also see private tour below for smaller groups and couples)

It's like the BIG ONE but shorter and sweeter, with more on the go tasters, more afternoon sweet treats and the best coffee in Norwich (or Tea!) & a Gin 'n' Tonic.

3. The Private Bespoke / Tourist Food and Drink Walking Tour 

This is a great one for tourists wanting to know about our gorgeous medieval city taking in the sites, the food and the drink with a good measure of walking. It's a tad bespoke, so it can be tailored as we go. I'll be your private tour guide and the city is our oyster. Up to 3.5 hours, anytime during the day, 2 -4 miles. Including all the British food and drink stops - lunch on the GO with a few sit down bites.

1 - 2 people £150 / 3 peeps £200 / 4 peeps £240

4. The Cocktails & Nibbles Evening One

Running Friday night 5 - 7-ishpm for 2 hours-ish of mini cocktail tasting, nibble munching and a walking tour around Norwich's best places for cocktails and why. Full on foodie facts with some useless information thrown in. You'll be well fed & watered!

An organised early evening tour around the best cocktail bars in the City Centre, with delicious blends and food to match, sit down chill and swill in 4-5 great spots.

***£75 per person  (Taxis not included!)

Why? –  Norwich has the biggest open air market in the UK with dozens of food stalls. We are the home to the best darn’ mustard in the world & Norwich has over 500 restaurants, cafes and bars. Nestled between medieval churches, cobbled streets, a bustling high street and a winding river are 100’s of independent food places, with dozens serving locally sourced foods – – – let me take you there.

Who's Taking You?- - ME - Zena, professional chef, food writer, blogger & cookery tutor at Lodge Farm Kitchen with a huge passion for all things food and a great knowledge about the City’s food scene, with a tad of interesting facts thrown in.

We take pay-pal, cash, cheque or bank transfer. Pre-Booking Only


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