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Walking is for anyone, Bikings for Cyclists and Jogging for extreamly tall thin people on steroids!

With two teenager-ish children (well they might as well be) its hard to get them off the sofa playing with some gadget or other and get them in to the Victorian clean fresh air with us Medieval parents to do obscene, abnormal, possibly offensive things like walking. But when we do manage to trick them in to coming for a walk with us its good-ish. This week we parked in front of that lovely church opposite the UEA fields and river - the walk takes you beside the river and the university student flats, through horse fields and over wooden walk ways all the way to the Three Score bridge - that's as far as we got, we'd already had one tantrum, several whinges and an ultimatum - but if we had of been FREE like the wind we would of gone on under the bridge and along past the Wear, the river and round the back of Chapel break all the way to the other car park not 5 mins from Lodge Farm.

A few months back we discovered another riverside walk, parking opposite Waitrose in Cringlford - in-fact that walk joins on to the walk above - you can actually walk from the fisheries next to us if opened to the public all the way to Yarmouth. Although I found walking all the way to Norwich city center quite challenging for me a few months ago with a dodgy hip!!! it takes just over an hour from Lodge Farm to Chapel-gardens.

So - - - it made us want to do more with or with out the children who seem to have an aversion for fresh air and walking - but make some useful walking maps for Lodge Farm Holiday Barns.
That's our New Year resolution - more walking (I wonder what the children's New Year resolution would be?)