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Gearing up for Summer

I've been so so lazy over winter with lots of longer term holiday rentals and not so many cookery courses - I don't feel guilty!!! Well I do a little. But now its starting to feel a lot like Spring with enquiries coming in daily and cookery courses being booked. I've already taught Japaneese, Fish and Thai in the last two weeks -

While I've not been so busy I've been doing my home work - BREAD - experimenting with sour dough starters, theres a three week old one in my fridge now being fed every few days, maybe it will eventully be passed on to my grandchildren or maybe not - it's not quite perfect yet!

I've also added a few more courses to the site - Afternoon Tea in the Victoria Dining Room - look forward to people booking on to that plus Inclusion classess. I've got some childrens birthday partys coming up - they are always good fun especially the smell test!

Norwich has now got a tramploine park and due to be opening another one this summer - boing!
I've now joined the UEA sportspark - its only 5 mins up the road and great for everybody who fancies a bit of something or other, guests of the holiday barns can enjoy the drop in classess, they do an over 50's club with aqua aerobics, netball, yoga and zumba to mention a few. There are tons of drop in toddler sessions, a climbing wall and gymnastics sessions for teens and inclusion clubs. It's a massive place with a full sized olympic pool and athletics track - plus its got a great cafe where you can watch the climbers on the wall in front of you.

Drey Yard is my favourite family mid week lunch time restaurant, they do a great lunch time special - perfect smoked meats and juicy burgers - love it and at night time you can get smoked brisket and colard greens - phooor.

Harrietts has been opend a year or so now - its East Anglians answer to Bettys - a quaint tea rooms with Victorian styles waitresses and a pianist where you can enjoy Welsh Rarebit, afternoon tea, fancy cakes and the like.

We went to the Bawburgh History group last night and found out that Herroin could be bought from Chemists in Victorian days for the benifit of healthier skin, Bawburgh used to have 2 butchers, 2 black smiths and a post office - all saddly gone now but at least we've still got the pub.

This years the anniversary of St Walston - we have St Walstons well behind the church and they'll be a big celebration in May with a pilgrimage and flower festival - apartently in the day St Walstons was as big as any other - 5 priests were brought in to deal with the crouds - well at least they had somewhere to buy some sausages and somewhere to post a parcel. Apparently the water from the well was sold on Norwich Market - -

We've got a well and the waters FREE from the taps in any of the holiday barns -
go on - give us a visit.