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  • New Road, Bawburgh, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 3LZ


It’s Christmas – – – where are the geese

Bawburgh's a lovely village, not just because I live her but also because of the great stuff -

St Walsons Well - a traditional bricked up well at the back of the church where St Walstons was supposed to have stopped for a drink on his pilgrimage back home to Bawburgh.

The Church - Medieval in all its splendour, with its Naped flint walls, its quirks and its gorgeous tower.

The Pub - The Kings Head is a gastro pub serving up fine foods and a good selection of ales, its rooms sprawl in its Victorian building meaning there are little nooks and crannies and a warm fire blazing in the middle. plus in summer you can enjoy al fresco eating in its beer garden.

The River Green - home to the July Duck Race and Fate. Fishing, feed the ducks, take a paddle or chill on its soft green grass under the shade of a tree. Picnic & bring over a drink from the pub - everyone does it!

The Mill - residential now but still looking impressive as the back drop to the river and river green, with cascading water oozing out of its gates.

The Bridge - behold the Victorian built bridge sending cars one by one over its delicate frame.

The Village Hall - we have barn dances, bridge, Christmas Fayres (this year Dec 10th 11-3pm, open gardens (coming in 2017), party's, social evenings, weddings and more plus a playground out back for the kids to enjoy. The Zip wire is coming soon along with some new editions to the already fabulous play area.

The Goose Farm -  - - - goosie ganders our feathered friends enjoy a free range life on acres of grass land up New Road from late summer. With over 10k disappearing a few weeks before Crimbo we were all shocked to hear 1500 went missing one chilly November evening never to bee seen or heard again. It even made the national news - but somethings a little fishy in bawburgh and I'm not talking about

Bawburgh Fisheries - new doors private (members only) fishing lakes one of which we over look - bustling with hugh monsters to mini silver slivers. Herons, kingfishers, otters and kestrels all have a plunder.