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Local Flavours 2021 – Norfolk Produce

Every year around now (September) on a Wednesday at the Norfolk Show Ground indoor arena - Local Flavours pops up.

A fair where local suppliers display their products and buyers can come along to sample and network.

Admittedly I'm not a big buyer, more of a promoter via Love Norwich Food and of course food writer so its great to see whats new and refresh my brain about old classics. But I do buy some local for my cookery school and have a little shop (I say shop - its a shelf) with local apple juice, jams and odd bits to enjoy while on holiday or to take home for Lodge Farm Holiday Barns - plus I can encourage holiday makers using my barns to enjoy the local products like Farmyard frozen fine dining meals vis leaflets and my guest book.

As if covid hasn't altered thing enough (it was cancelled last year, not covid - the show) and brexit, disturbing delivery and trump (not sure how he altered things ! probably did something wrong) we now have a petrol shortage so some people couldn't attend while others couldn't display because they couldn't get there. BUT there was plenty for me to see and sample -

I discovered newbies, some risen from the covid ting - -

Sunfire Spirits - run by Daniel and family, make Mid Norfolk distilled Rum and Gin. I especially loved the Toffee Rum and it was super smooth - due to a good distillation.

Waveney Mill - is a new pasta. Yes we make lots of pasta in Norfolk. But this family have been milling wheat since 1878. So a bronze die pasta was always on the cards.

Waddell and Turner - I've not seen before but followed on instagram for a while. They make 100% gluten free, dairy free and some vegan bakery products specialising in a Ginger bread range. Luxury patisseries.

Wightman Fishing Company & Ness point smoke house - base in my old home town of Lowestoft where my grandad and greats were all fisherman. Is this family run fishing boat n smoking business. They call them selves artisan as smoke their own catch, and supply fish out of Lowestoft harbour with 2 boats. Contact via -

Love Seitan - is an East Anglian company with big dreams. Making an assortment of Seitan - incase you don't know what it is - its a vegan meat alternative made from washed glutenous bread dough, making a textured, slightly chew vegan product which they turn in to salami, bites, burgers, bacon slices and a roast. Selling to other producers as a vegan alternative topping as well as direct to the consumer.

Lean Bakes - make protein bars and snacks. A lovely couple working out of Norwich. Wanting to expand to gyms and health food shops. Find them on social media.

Then there was people I had seen before but never tasted -

Yum Yum Tree Fudge -  Tons of flavours and super tasty fudge - all british sugar, gluten and nut free and naturally flavoured and coloured with plant based options.

Fresh Pac - are a coffee machine and bean roaster company, who will hire, supply and train. Plus they also sell a powdered milkshake blend for cafes. Based out of Halesworth.

Cheeky Nibble - make vegan and nut free granola, large chunks which double as a snack. Using compostable packaging. The bakewell tart was my favourite and everyone else too. Sold in Jarrold's and St Giles Pantry, plus online.

Then there was all my favourites - -

Fen Farm Dairy - makers of the most amazing  Baron Bignold, the Uk's better answer to brie and camembert. All us chefs are cooking with it - its simply the best thats why Kate and William served it at their wedding. Plus Skyr yogurt, mascarpone, fresh butter plus raw milk.

Gin producers - Gyre and Gimble, What a Hoot, Bullards, Home Farm Gin and Archangel.

Marimba - chocolate producers, better known for their hot chocolate range of real flaked chocolate - simply mix with hot milk.

One Planet Pizza - the UK leading plant based pizza company born out of Norfolk and produced in Norfolk.

Hillfarm - make cold pressed rapeseed oil, plus sauces like the best salad cream, mayo, dressings and flavoured oils.

Farmyard Frozen -  was born out of Covid, a restaurant self proclaimed in bistronomy (I call it affordable fine dining ) with a sister hotel cooking the very best in meals, available for delivery all over the uk. Stock up on diner party standard meals like Beef or veggie wellington, sticky toffee pudding and all sorts of yummy sides.

Ronaldos - ok i'm gonna say it, there are good local Norfolk ice-creams but I love ronaldos they make the best chocolate brownie and by far the best rum and raisin. I tasted their new plum flavour which was rich and umptious - I could enjoy topped with granola and a thimble of port. Made using local milk and local seasonal fruits.

Nova Farina - Simpleas - make pea based produce like vegan mince, gluten free breadcrumbs and snack packets. Watch my vegan recipe videos on instagram reels.

Uber Corn - Use the best of the two kinds of corn to make their large fluffy rounded popcorn bites and offer a whole range of flavours from orange (which is surprisingly good) to caramel or sweet thai chilli.

Oichi - is made up of three sisters making very tasty and healthy kombucha. Plus they offer starter kits and workshops. I went on one and had my very own scoby (named Delia) for over a year making a fresh batch every week - like most things in life I gave up and now keep a scoby hotel in the depth of my dining room.

Then there is the my mega fan producers

Emporium - with Marcela making amazing Brazilian style chocolates and brigadier spreads.

Crumpetarium - making divine crumpets  - the chocolate orange is the besets flavour ever. But Kat also makes ginger, chocolate chip, plain and cheese among a few along with seasonal flavours like the up coming Christmas one.

Dollies - where Gemima makes incredible bakes and breads. So good and so popular she has become in Coltishall that she has out grown her shop and is expanding. Contact her via


Not to mention the wonderful breweries of fine artisan ales and beers, plus ciders. And of course the many butchers and meat suppliers.


If every you need any recommendations or suggestions drop me a message - Norfolk is amazing for cheese and ales but we have everything in-between as well.


Love Norfolk Food