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Summer Sundays are for Ice-Cream

Last weeks Sunday Sundae went lickingly - The Hot Fudge Brownie one went like hot cakes and the Hot cake sticky one went like cold cakes. The whipping cream siphon went goo goo, the hot chocolate froffer machine went no where and the freezer started to plummet with all the opening and shutting but at least that's OK now. Things come in 3's especially bad things when your busy. Anyway 29 lovely customers were served and got lots of great feed back and recommendations on facebook. When everyone had left the building we amp-ed up the jukebox, scooped out some vanilla and brownie and piled on the left overs - - ah, yum yum.
We are full up with 41 booked in to round two - just need to remember to put people off the hot chocolate, whip the cream by hand and open the freezer door like  Husein Bolt after a vindaloos from Magdalen Street (not mentioning any names - apart from that Bolt feller).

Not going to talk about Geese as we are getting around 25 - 35 Grey lag and Canadian on the lawn all day everyday, pooing everywhere and eating all the grass, I'm sick of poo busting!! My husband is seriously thinking of building a 50ft wired fence around the lake to keep them all out!!! It would look like Alcatraz. Alternatively they'll emigrate soon - just leaving Doris and her three boys which I am sure will wander of to pastures green with hot chicks, very soon. I didn't mention Geese!

Anyway if your thinking of getting away we have a generous amount of availability in The Dairy over August - sleeps up to 2 in a double room with a sofa bed for a little one if needed or we hire cots for free. See availability chart or / and specials. Its got a lovely patio area out back over looking the Lake. Plus we are only 10 minutes drive in to the city center so lots to do and see with the coast, broads and North Norfolk only a small drive away.