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The Summers Here and the Geese are misunderstood

I was just talking about how I should chainsaw a tree or two down by the river to make a better view where we were knocking some posts in for some decking (Anti-pasta by the river, Lodge Farm catering at your service!!!) in a beautiful spot behind the orchard and as if by magic a tree decided to fall down - slash in to the river. What fun I had with a chainsaw, Nicks size 10 waders and a saw - - Silas was very helpful in his wet suit dragging all the branches to the shore for Nick and our labourer to drag up the bank to the fire. So there was an opening and a fantastic view. But little did we suspect an opening had been made for all the geese to get up on to the lush grass.

Two weeks later we have a pair of resident wild Pilgrim Geese, the male has the most gorgeous blue eyes and fluffy white feathers, they follow me, they greet me when I drive in and are as friendly as a well behaved puppy. They follow the chickens around and at night I pass them bread out of the windows and the male even lets me stroke his back - I am in love. Of course at one point they invited all there Geese friends on to our grass to feed, helpful cutting the grass but at one point there was my two, there three young, 6 Canadian geese, 5 Egyptian Geese and 2 I don't know Geese but they soon all scurry of when I appear.

Back to the Barns - - - -Closer than ever, we finished painting today, varnished all the windows, kitchens in, electrics done, lights are ordered, plumbers coming to second fix this week and the carpenters are here next weekend fixing all the pre-stained and varnished skirting, arcatrive and doors on - Flooring and tiling are booked in for following week. WOW, soon be ready for our first guests.