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Movin on up in April

Well, Well, Well - Well the Well is filling up and while we don't have to worry about a drought as we have our own bore hole, there is no need to panic as there is enough rain to water anyway to feed the newly sprinkled grass seed.

This week 11.4 tons of givlon screed has been poured in to the barns, finely covering the 100mm insulation and the pipework for the underfloor heating. A few problems with the plumbing but that got sorted quick by the Co-Dunkal boys.

So this weekend me and my son will be "on with the skates" and trying out the smooth, flat floors - - some fun in-between landscaping.

Next week the Electrician starts his first fix - Its really moving now, I have even been buying the odd bit of furniture or equipment for the holiday barns.

It's exciting times - its a shame our first booking was requested for June and for 17 people - Sorry, not quite ready and not quite big enough.

Bring on those bookings - bikes are ready to hire, the Lake is looking beautiful, the picnic areas are getting finished and the zip wire is zipping