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Rain, Spain & Swan for Main

Whats happening with the weather - - it is July.

However as I've said before the weather is always fantastic at Lodge Farm its set in a 'Simpsons Movie bubble dome, unpenitrable from the bad stuff but unlike springfield you can get in and out really easily. I'm just hoping for some good rays on Saturday for my daughters 18th and my 50th birthday party here at Lodge Farm - Party 1850. The place is looking stunning, hummocks have been hung, benches moved, grass cut, trees trimmed and the geese are on there best behaviour in readiness.

Even my dads come back from Spain - where its far too hot. Who wants 'bum crack hot', thats when its scolding hot & you feel sweat run down your back and in to crevices not usually accessed in Britain! I'm sorry for my crudeness but when it happens its really not nice - - - of course Lodge Farm's magic dome stops all that horrible stuff, leaving you comfortably dry and warm.

Talking about summer Elvis and Pricilla the resident swans had 7 cygnets a few months ago but as usual they've been left with a lot less. How cruel nature is - 3 cygnets remain. Its the pike in the lake - - its very rare many chicks survive, with the big fish, otters and mink nothing small has a chance. The geese have got it right they 'ween' on land - avoiding the water for too long.

We've been running Lodge Farm Holiday Barns for 5 years now - - we have noticed this year, that business has gone very slow. Everybody's in the holiday trade is complaining - - what with disasters, terrorist attacks, elections, Trumps and more people just arn't going away as much - - - so if you want a bargain look at our last minute specials. We even have a week available in all three barns in August if you fancy a week away with friends or family. This week The Dairy's been empty - thats never happened before in July - - - so lets hope 2018 turns back to normal for the British tourist trade.