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I’ve got a one track mind – FOOD


I love Lodge Farm - on a sunny day with the glimmer of the lake and all the wildlife buzzing around cackling in the distance with the lush green of all the trees as they sway in the wind.


I love my children - despite the fact they are teenagers and quite frankly a pain in the bum at times, But I still love em and want to do whats right by them and bring them up to be good, happy an healthy.


I love my husband - - despite the fact he's a moody old northern so and so - I look forward to growing old with him, traveling and enjoying hopefully a healthy retirement together.


I love myself - i'm quite happy to have a good chat to myself, I think I'm a good person - I live my life with 'if its fair - its ok, if its not fair then don't do it - so I can sleep at night all peaceful and happy.





It's not just a passion, its my life, its my every waking thought, its my imagine before bed I - then I dream of foodie pleasures and wake up to do it all again. I love to teach - exciting themes, I love to watch food blogs from far flung places, I love to eat out, I love people to cook for me, I love to discover new flavours, I love to experiment and spend hours writing recipes and coming up with things to try. I love to cook - - -

Then theres the other stuff like food history, food science, experiments with chemical reactions - food thickeners, food enhancers, things that fizz and foam. Gaining knowledge learning new ingredients, facts and figures.

Like do you know what 'Kecap Manis' is - its a thick syrupy sweet Indonesian soya sauce, great for dipping or enhancing stir-frys, noodle dishes or fried rice.

Did you know 'Worcestershire Sauce' has got fermented anchovies in it - thats because fish brings out the flavours in meat, Roman's did it with fermenting fish guts, Asians do it with fish sauce or shrimp paste. We do it with Worcestershire - -

Did you know if you massage a lemon its more juicy - - - -

It's a never ending pool of Loving Food - yes, even more than life it's self!!!!

So when you some to Lodge Farm Holiday Barns you can be assured that your kitchen is full of the things you need, Norwich is full of great places to eat, the Guest Book is full of recommendations and if you fancy it you can even have a cookery lesson or scoff on ice-cream in the diner - - or just enjoy take-aways with no washing up but great views.