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Autumnal Isn’t it

I must admit I neglect the finer details of managing this account - I should be ashamed with my self.

My barns is my business and thats our bread and butter but when it comes to writing my passion lays with food. Ive been a busy iguana (let the bees have a rest) for the last 6 months. We've had the summer season in the barns, not quite as busy as last year but we'll just blame Brexit!!! lots of last minutes and odd days in the week from - so less bread and butter and more ironing!

Then there is the steady rise of the food blogger in me - I run Love Norwich Food  writing regular blogs for my website ( plus spending far too much time on social media!

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Its not a bad job, its just not a paid job - Im still doing my cookery courses here at Lodge Farm Kitchen, Ive reduced the craziness from last year when I taught 61 courses  - I'm doing half that now and so much more manageable. Last year I was working 2 - 3 weekends in the month, one week I had 5 courses on and a few weekends I worked 2 courses on the Saturday. So to slow it down I took mini themes off weekends and stopped selling vouchers. It worked a little too well - - But now my passion is super enthusiastic and I can give 110% to those booking on. Plus it gives me more time to do the blogging thing - - where I earn absolutely no money, but have become ever so slightly obsessed.

I blame Brexit!!!

I love to promote all things food in Norfolk, I love the invites to openings and the occasional event. The odd taste test and off course all the writing - - I love writing. Food really is my passion.

But of course I still love Lodge Farm, the views over the lakes, the wildlife, Charlie and Splurge the geese the lovely holiday makers - meeting new people. Not so keen on the cleaning - but don't mind all the paperwork and correspondence. And it pays the bills. Plus to live in a Jacobean farmhouse with all the history and beauty is lovely - I'm very lucky even though I work very hard.

I tend to close bookings off over winter to allow short term rentals - there is always people looking for an odd month in-between houses or renovations. It means I can have more time to do the nitty gritty I don't get time for in summer and of course I leave them to the own cleaning and bedding - meaning no Tue, Wed and Thur morning ironing sessions.

Well, I guess it will soon be Christmas - -