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The Courtyard and The Dairy

I've been loving the bits of decoration and buying all the bits for the holiday barns, can't wait until the plumber and electrician finishes, just a few days delay with this beautiful snow - which makes the farm look amazing. The lakes frozen over and you can see fox tracks over the snow covered lake. The Deers have been all over the place but the chickens hate it. I recon by the way we are whizzing ahead we'll be ready by Mid-March. Especially since the carpenters are nearly finished - all doors up, all skirting - just another varnish and its ready for the touch up and furniture.

Can't wait to get the first bookings. If your reading this and fancy booking, contact me with the code "Mums the Word" and I'll give you a great discount and the fist person in each barn gets a present and bottle of wine along with the usual sweets and welcome tray!!!